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Our comprehensive training is internationally recognized as the platinum standard for plasma, with 27 years at the top of the beauty world, well over 1,000 Elite Technicians trained over the last 12 months alone and over 60,000 treatments delivered with our device during the same period – it’s no surprise that we literally wrote the book on best practice.

Plasma Pen USA arms all its Plasma Pen technicians with the very best of everything – from tools to documentation to sales and marketing support and beyond. We believe it is essential to empower all our Plasma Pen technicians to be able to deliver truly world class consultations, procedures, aftercare and support to their own valuable clients and enjoy rapid return on investment and a rewarding career both financially and professionally.

We believe in small class sizes and/or the use of multiple trainers and/or support reps for larger classes plus we always ensure high model to student ratios and plenty of interactivity and hands-on, one-to-one attention and support. Plasma Pen’s intensive one day courses – honed to perfection with over 1,000 students a year – include comprehensive, expert training on the following (and more):


• Theoretical, deep-dive on the compelling science behind Plasma Pen – and how it really works

• Detailed comparison on the differences – and benefits – of Plasma Pen versus cosmetic surgery and all other med-aesthetic procedures

• Comparison of our device with others so you can fully understand not just the greatly expanded ‘art of the possible” in using our pen but learn how to educate and advise your own potential clients on the marked differences between our premium device and the inferior and sometimes dangerous alternatives out there – you would never let someone use a blowtorch to perform laser eye surgery

• All of the treatments areas where Plasma Pen can be performed and the different techniques that can be used, when, where, why and how

• Precautions, contraindications and other barriers to treatment

• Professional consultations, paperwork, legals and critical insurance criteria

• Pre-treatment protocols and detailed training on how to work safely and hygienically at all times

• How to set-up a proper workstation and use the best pre and post treatments products, techniques and treatment enhancing / treatment delivery products

• The safe, effective and legal use of numbing agents

• How to map, plan and expedite effective treatments that deliver world class results

• Insight and takeaways on all the ethics and “do’s and don’ts” of plasma

• How best to dovetail plasma with other med-aesthetic procedures

• How to deliver the very best post-treatment aftercare support

• How to commercialize and market your Plasma Pen business to ensure rapid ROI and a lucrative income


• Treatment demonstration by an approved Advanced Clinical Trainer

• Guided learning with independent, hands on practice, using live models

• One-to-one discussion, critique and feedback

• Q & A

• Certification

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